Jacob's House

Jacob’s House

1987 to 1994

In April if 1987, I made a photograph of rusted garden tools in Jacob Knight’s yard. I considered the photograph to be a dismal failure but at the same time exciting. Just finishing up my project, Mall Series, I was looking for an escape-- something new to explore and Jacob’s vast collection throughout his house and yard with its abundant material had potential. Using my camera of choice, an 8x10 film camera, I split my time to document Jacob, his family and friends in his environment, as well as create still lifes from his vast collection of curiosities and antiques. I set up a small archaic studio in his barn, where, for days on end constructed meticulous collages.

After my one year tenure at Jacob’s I continued to document Jacob at his house as well as his many visits to Martha’s Vineyard.

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Retrospect: UNH, Art Museum Fall 2017

University of New Hampshire, Museum of Art, Durham, NH: Stephen DiRado’s Embrace, A retrospect 1983 through 2017. October 26, 2017 through December 15, 2017.