Last Class in Session, Clark University, Worcester, MA, March 12, 2020
Kelley, East Side Discount Liquors, Worcester, MA, July 31, 2020
Introducing Blue the Dog, Worcester, MA, April 4, 2020
Kelley and Friends, Protest at City Hall, Worcester, MA, June 6, 2020
Jennifer, Protest at City Hall, Worcester, MA, May 31, 2020
Rush Hour, Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA, March 27, 2020
Bill and Patti, Worcester, MA, June 24, 2020
Covid 19 can live on paper up to five days.
Brenda, Worcester, MA, July 23, 2020
Observing Comet Neowise, West Boylston, MA, July 19, 2020
Protest City Hall, Worcester,MA, June 6, 2020
Ebony and Jamai, Protest at City Hall, Worcester, MA, May 31, 2020
Jim and John, Social Distancing, Worcester, MA, June 2, 2020
Security, D'Errico's Market, Worcester, MA, April 20, 2020
Sue, Worcester, MA, July 1. 2020
Alvarez Family Wesley Outside of St. Vincent's  Hospital, Worcester, MA, April 25, 2020
Anne, Protest at City Hall, Worcester, MA, June 6, 2020
Nicele, Protest City Hall, Worcester, MA, June 6, 2020
Cathie in Her Backyard, Worcester, MA, July 7, 2020
Eating Takeout, Worcester, MA, May 24, 2020
John, Worcester, MA, June 13, 2020
Social Distancing; Drinks in the Driveway, Worcester, MA, July 7, 2020
Paper Bag, Franklin, MA, May 1, 2020
John, Worcester, MA, April 23, 2020
Brittany, Boylston, MA, June 13, 2020
Dr. John Campbell, March 28, 2020
Mother's Day, Social Distancing, Marlborough, MA, May 10, 2020
Brittany and Eric, Boylston, MA, May 20, 2020
Easter Sunday Zoom with Family, Worcester, MA, April 12, 2020
Katie and James, Worcester, MA, June 28, 2020
Jim and Amy, Worcester, MA, July 2, 2020
Harold, Worcester, MA, June 9, 2020
John, Shamrock Street, Worcester, MA, May 3, 2020



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With Dad – Book, Fall 2019

Davis Publications, Inc., WITH DAD, by Stephen DiRado, November 2019, A photographic journal that vividly articulates a son’s connections, captured through his camera, as his father succumbs to Alzheimer’s. Experience the love, dignity and profound intimacy shared between Stephen DiRado and his family over a chronological span of twenty years.

Retrospect: UNH, Art Museum Fall 2017

University of New Hampshire, Museum of Art, Durham, NH: Stephen DiRado’s Embrace, A retrospect 1983 through 2017. October 26, 2017 through December 15, 2017.