Cheryl, Jamie and Michael,  8:30pm, July 3rd
Charlie Rodriguez and family, July 13th
Mother and Son; Jackie and Shawn, September 11th
Freddie Rodriguez and Teri, June 20th
Archie Eating Watermelon
Mark and Friend
Paul, August 21th
Sharing a Cigarette
Nancy at 13 years old, July 27th
Kelly and Lori (Lori just found out she was pregnant.) August 18th
Paul, June 25th
Christian, August 26th
Mercado Family, July 17th
Liz and Tina
Labor Day, September 5th
Bev and Dick with family, August 27th
August 27th
Chick, July 28th
Mark, Angela, Ernie the dog, Bobby, Bob and Charlene, August 27th
July 12th
August 28th
Landry Family with Boyfriend Bob
David, Tim, Kelly and Billy, August 27th
Linda and Friends
July 4th
August 21st
Marie, Bill, Jill and their dog Duke
(top to bottom) Wendy, Peter, Heather and Christian, August 25th
Baseball Team, July 23rd
Mikel and Brenda, July 8th
Linda and Vicky, July 28th
Bob and Charlene
Bob and Tammy, September 20th
Cathie with her son David and Daughter Rebecca
Charlie and Toni
Three Generations, July 2nd
Beata and Friends, July 13th
Mikel and Brenda
Butch, Natasha, Krissy and Tony, August 25th
Ann and Friend, Labor Day, September 5th
Jose and his dog Tiger
Julie, Deb and Lissette, September 10th
Christina, September 4th
Tony and Son
Tom, Toni and Maverick, September 10th
Roberto, July 3rd
Mother and Son; Jerome and Debbie
Martha, Kenny and Sonja
Bobby, September 3rd
Dick and Bev, September 3rd
Poster for the 1984 Debut of the Bell Pond Exhibition


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With Dad – Book, Fall 2019

Davis Publications, Inc., WITH DAD, by Stephen DiRado, November 2019, A photographic journal that vividly articulates a son’s connections, captured through his camera, as his father succumbs to Alzheimer’s. Experience the love, dignity and profound intimacy shared between Stephen DiRado and his family over a chronological span of twenty years.

Retrospect: UNH, Art Museum Fall 2017

University of New Hampshire, Museum of Art, Durham, NH: Stephen DiRado’s Embrace, A retrospect 1983 through 2017. October 26, 2017 through December 15, 2017.