Across The Table

Across the Table Series is inspired by my intense and personal empathy towards individuals and people that make up our community. My day rarely ends without sitting at a table conversing with a person, and more likely, a number of people. Aside of participating in engaging conversations, I am acutely aware of their body language—a symphony of visual cues that, at times, speaks louder than their words.

Today’s point-and-shoot digital cameras can astoundingly freeze motion in low light. My camera is deliberately placed on the table throughout each gathering. Periodically I pick it up casually firing off dozens of photographs of what interests me from across the table. I encourage others at the table to play along and do the same by picking up the camera, pointing it back across the table and rapidly fire off photographs of what they see.

The art from this project is created in the editing. With hundreds of photographs to pick from, it didn’t take me long to understand that the strength of this work is how I combine them—butt them up against one another, very much like the reverse shot one observes in movies. The sum total of the juxtaposition completes the narrative, recreating my impressions of the general emotions and tempo taking place during each gathering.

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Fall 2015 Exhibition

Exhibition: Across the Table Stephen DiRado 

Clark University | Higgins Lounge at Dana Commons

Opening Reception Wednesday, September 30 @ 4pm

The exhibition will run from September 30 through December 16.